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Narratives of place, space, and time resonate in a temple

Exploring themes of temples and Buddhism, three artists born in the 1980s bring contemporary issues into a space that emerges through storytelling and percussion. The director Yukari Sakata previously collaborated with Palestinian artists for “Rashomon | Yabunonaka” at Festival/Tokyo14. The actor Yukiko Iwasawa currently studies Chinese and literature in Taiwan. The drummer and percussionist Kyojun Tanaka conducts research into timbre alongside his career as a performer.

The performance was premiered in a temple in Tokyo. Based on Juro Miyoshi’s verse drama “Daffodils and Wooden Fish,” the text interweaves fragments of literature, the local history of the temple, interviews with the chief priest, and Buddhist sermons, forming a unique resonance of voice, body, and sound.

In this interactive performance, the audience takes part by responding to a total of 108 questions, a number associated with the Buddhist concept of kleshas (afflictions or destructive emotional states). They would answer by hitting a wooden fish, in the first ‘temple’ in Tunisia that appears through this performance.


« Tera »

Directed by Yukari Sakata

Performer: Yukiko Iwasawa

Music: Kyojun Tanaka

Based on the verse drama “Daffodils and Wooden Fish” by Juro Miyoshi and more

Dramaturge: Maho Watanabe

Costumes: Kyoko Fujitani (FAIFAI)

English Translation: John Townsend

Interpretation: Haitham Elshimey

Produced by Festival/Tokyo

Supported by The Saison Foundation


Quotations from:

‘Monks’ by Minoru Yoshioka in
“Lilac Garden: Poems of Minoru Yoshioka”
translated by Hiroaki Sato (Chicago Review Press, 1976)

‘Not you, but that other guy’ by Taeko Tomioka in
“See You Soon: Poems of Taeko Tomioka”
translated by Hiroaki Sato (Chicago Review Press, 1979)

‘The Larger Sutra on Amitāyus’ in
“The Three Pure Land Sutras” translated by Hisao Inagaki
in collaboration with Harold Stewart
(Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research, 2003)

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